Catholic Worker Breadline Photographs

At the height of the Great Depression, people turned to the Catholic Worker House on Mott Street in New York for a simple meal to get through some times. On some days, hundreds would show up for bread and coffee, causing lines that would go around the corner.

Dorothy Day often mentioned these breadlines in her editorials in The Catholic Worker. The "feeding, clothing, and sheltering of our brothers" aligned with the Works of Mercy central to the mission of the Catholic Worker.

This gallery pairs Dorothy Day's writings in The Catholic Worker  with photographs from breadlines throughout the years at the Catholic Worker House.

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“House Sounder, Paper Smaller, Line The Same”

“They Knew Him In The Breaking of Bread”

“Aims and Purposes (1940)”

“Day After Day - Thoughts On Breadlines And On The War”

“On Pilgrimage - August 1959”

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