The Catholic Worker, Vol. 05, No. 08 (December 1937)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 05, No. 08 (December 1937)


Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
California C.W. Groups Starting Right
Help the Missions!
Industiral Farm System Attacked by Fr. Philipps
“Red-Baiting Futile,” Says Father Gillis
Father O’Kelly Does Fine Work on West Coast
“Look On The Face of Thy Christ”
Labor Is Cheap In California
Eric Gill Says Workers Should Control Machines
Letter to the Unemployed
ACTU Has Party, Joins Adoration
Poor Flick to Milwaukee C.W.
Missionary’s Mite
Pleased by Elsie Robinson
Crowds at School; CW-ACTU in Strikes
West Coast Unions Wage Civil War by Carl R. Sheridan
“Big Business” Exponent Stirs Up St. Louis C.W.’s
Father Michel’s Book Important
Father Furfey, Callahan Talk At Pittsburgh
Msgr. O’Toole’s New Pamphlet “Powerful” Job
100,000 Settlers Make Dust Bowl Serious Problem
Movie Shown, Stores Opened By Boston CW
The Point of View on Peace by Emmanuel Mounier
English C.W. Writes
C.W.’s Attend Conference on Rural Life
Varied Opinions In Church Too
Sissy States by Donald Powell
Mott St. Creche
The Land
An Answer To All… Once and For All
Farming Commune by John Curran
A Prayer
Prayer of Saint Francis of Assissi



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 5:8.


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