The Catholic Worker, Vol. 06, No. 09 (March 1939)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 06, No. 09 (March 1939)


Pius XI Opposed Red Baiting
Father of Fearless Faith
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
Patriarch on All Forms of Fascism
Sharecroppers Homeless; Seek Free Land by Lee Carder
Employers’ “High Jinks” Jam Up Labor
Day After Day
Fr. Curran Chastises
Can There Be a Just War in Our Time? By Donald Attwater
Phila. CW Is Active
Ramsey, Illinois
“Thou Art Peter…”
Up to Date List of Houses and Catholic Worker Cells
Letters From Our Readers
Book Reviews
The Gadfly
Control Machine by Arthur Penty
The Canticle of Brother Sun by St. Francis of Assisi
Excerpt from ‘Rural Rides’
Negro Girl Steals Show
A Jocist Offering
Personal Mission by Ortega y Gasset
The Land
Farming Commune by Jim Montague
Nazareth In Ireland
The Sun of Justice
Roadside Hospice
Catholic Worker Order Form



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 6:9.


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