The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 10 (April 1936)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 10 (April 1936)


Borden Officials Attack ‘Worker’ In Paid ‘Ads’
Yes! I Am A Radical! By Peter Maurin
War Imminent; Catholics Must Judge It Now
Farming Commune 70 Miles Distant Marks Beginning
Exiled Leader Tells Conditions of Cuban Labor
Hospitality House Takes Quarters at New Site
Church Openings In Mexican States Traced to Politics
Hearst Reporters Gain Support
Florida Vigilantes Crucify Jobless Bricklayer
Masked Men Plough Under Poor—Families Starve in Arkansas
Alabama Chain Gang And Evictions for Resettlement Farmers
American-Jewish Congress
Lynching and Legislation
The Game to Date
Chrysostom and the Crisis
Senator Talks of War
Priest Assails Mussolini
With Thanks To Our Readers
Day By Day
Colonial Expansion by Peter Maurin
Propaganda Did Its Work
An Archbishop on Peace
Letters From Our Readers
Senators Fight Compulsory War Drill
Notes On The Catholic Press
Margaret Says
An Archbishop on Wages
May Day Distributors Wanted!
General Butler On Oratorical Rampage
The Death Dealer’s Song
Book Hearst Newsreel Out
Vermont Marble Company Hides Injustice Under Cloak of charity
The Chicago Letter
The Sequence
Resolution to the Cuban Government
The Campion Propaganda Committee
Through Human Persons
More About the Farming Commune
Book Review
Easter by William M. Callahan



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