The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 09 (February 1935)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 09 (February 1935)


Bootleg Coal Miners Have As Much Right At Companies, Say Pennsylvania Priests
Higher Wages For Textile workers Is False Propaganda
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
Religious War in Mexico Distracts Attention From Labor and Farm Troubles
Ohrback and Klein Violate NRA Codes and Jail Pickets
February 22 The Chair of St. Peter at Antioch
Labor Guild: The Labor Guild—Harmony, Not Conflict
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
Like Educational Books
Rush for Subsistence Homesteads in Texas
Christ Our Lord
Catholic Class-Consciousness
Maternity Guilds in St. Louis Point Way for New York
Day After Day
Racial Justice—Archbishop Ireland
The Child Apostolate
Letters and Comments
Feast of the Purification
The Folly of the Cross from St. Paul’s Letter to Corinth
A Question by Richard Bosch
Town and Rural Study Clubs Must Co-Operate
Catholic Worker Speaks To New Library Union on United Labor Front
Sailors of Cattaro
Parade of Prejudice
Sea Apostolate Feeds Seamen In Coast Strike
Fordham at the Front
What Is Your Income
Our Neighbor
A Long Editorial—But It Could Be Longer
Notes on the Catholic Press
Diocesan Distribution of Catholic Worker Planned by Bishop
Steam Shovel in Harlem Art
Swift Had a Word for Them by Donald Powell
The Irish Te Deum
Book Reviews
Banks Without Interest
Possible in Every Port
Human Rights



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 2:9.


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