The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 08 (January 1936)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 08 (January 1936)


To Christ—To The Land! By Dorothy Day
A New Social Order by Peter Maurin
Jacques Maritain, Noted Philosopher, Is Guest of Paper
Catholics Have No United Front With William R. Hearst
Leningrad Bishop Praises Work of Catholic Worker
Singer Co. Bandits Run Sharecroppers Out of Homes
Catholicism and the Bourgeois Mind by Christopher Dawson
United Fronts?
Question and Answer
The Failure of Reform by Donald Powell
Scottsboro Boys’ Defense Reorganized
Family of Seven Tries Primitive Life on Farm
Cost of War
The Family vs. Capitalism
Letters and Comment
The Feast of the Purification
Will We Learn By Experience?
St. Paul on Catholic Action
Breeding Frankensteins
Liturgy and Sociology
Relief—For the Baby
Farmers Wanted
Cold and Hunger Is Fatal To Man on 127th St. Pier
Day By Day
Notes on the Catholic Press
A Bishop on True Charity
Priest and Sailor by Rev. A. Van Vliet
Campion Propaganda Committee
Interracial Co-operation For Better Social Order
An Interracial Program
Mighty Mr. Morgan
I Am No Saint by Leon Blov
Frazier Says U.S. Leads On Road To War
Overpopulation and Expansion
Communists Are Loving
Lynchings Increase
Cruelty to Pup?



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 3:8.


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