The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 04 (September 1935)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 04 (September 1935)


Utilities’ Profit-System Cries for Social Regulation
Workers’ Rights
Let Your Abundance Supply Their Want
The Communism of the Catholic Worker by Peter Maurin
Christian Nations Invite Ruin for Christendom
Catholic Pickets Protest German Fascist Terror
Labor Guild
Security Bill Leaves Out Negro Women, Worst Paid
Attention, Chicago Utility Consumers!
Catholic Worker Readers Urged to Ask Release Of Tom Mooney
Commission Says Owners Terrorize Harlan Miners
Chicago Fights Race Prejudice, “Security” Wage by Arthur G. Falls, M.D.
More Lynchings!
No More Thugs?
Our Children’s Corner
Boycott Childs, Worker Urges!
Bremen Demonstration Is Turned Into Riot By Police Tactics
Union Organizer Gets Living Wage
Maternity Guild Expands, Offers Hospital Care to Assisting Members
Catholic Worker Program of Action
Letters and Comment
The Saint And The Soldier by Donald Powell
William McDermit, Loyal Communist, Dies at 24
Religion and the Race Problem by Rev. John M. Cooper
Communist Rural Work
Dialogue on Rules
That Their Abundance May Supply Your Want, Let Your Abundance Supply Their Want!
Day After Day
Kids Wear High Heels
The Scottsboro Boys Wait for Justice
Cleveland Readers
Campion Propaganda Committee
Questions on “The Fortieth Year”
Social Sermonettes
Interracial Review
Note For Browder
Bishops Lead Students In Anti-Nazi Campaign
Invaders and Invaded
Co-Ops Lead Gas Delivery In Rural North Dakota
The Catholic Worker - Receipt



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 3:4.


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