The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 03 (July-August 1935)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 03 (July-August 1935)


Labor Disputes All Over U.S.
The World Prepares for War!
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
Catholics! Defend Victims of Class and Race Warfare
The Kids Need Milk
Catholic Worker Starts a Parish Maternity Guild
Catholics and Reds Protest Eviction Of Negro Tenant
Campion Propaganda Committee
Longshormen Read Church’s Teachings On Organization
Day After Day
Margaret Turns Reporter
Rosary College Will Welcome Negro Students by Arthur G. Falls, M.D.
Maternity Center Run Single-Handed By Catholic Doctor
Interracial Work by St. Louis Catholics by Rev. Albert Muentsch. S.J.
Letters and Comment
“We Can’t Afford A Baby” – Why Not? And Other Things
Catholicism And Changing Society by F. L. Burke
The Bourgeois Mine by Nicholas Berdyaev
Ahead of His Time
Strikebreakers Thieves, Says San Diego Pastor; Hurt Parishioners Object
Boycott Hearst!
Work to Do!
A Quiet Evening – An Account of a Company Union Meeting
Clergy Protest Against Fascism and Red-Baiting
Impossible to Control, Sweatshop Homes, Says Radio Speaker
Book Reviews
What Is a Parish? By Father John J. Harbrought
Ills in AAA Spur Share Croppers to Organize by Ward H. Rodgers
Facts About America
The Gospel for the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost
Maternity Guilds in Operation



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 3:3.


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