The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 10 (March 1935)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 10 (March 1935)


Gigantic Persecution of Share Croppers in South By Organized Exploiters
NBC Hires Thugs to Fight Pickets; Police Stand By
March 19 – Feast of St. Joseph
“Nationalism Will Sound Doom of All Liberty”
Ohrback’s Injunction Is Smashed by Technique of Open Mass Violation
We Remind The Daily Worker—There Is a Religious Persecution in Russia
We Can’t Afford a Baby by Donald Powell
Feast of St. Benedict
Paint Whiskers on Strikers to Sell Teargas
Easy Essays by Peter Maruin
T.B. and Povery
NRA Board Exposes Injustice in Auto Industry; Industrial Efficiency and Technical Progress in Sharp Contrast to the Human Relations Policy by F. L. Burke
Day After Day
U.S. Steel Uses Red Scare and Yellow Press
Christ and the Patriot by Paul Hanly Furfey
St. John of God
Hartford Young People Push Truce of God
On the Use of “Pure Means” by Jacques Maritain
NRA Priest Says $2,500 A Year Is Fair Family Wage
The Mystical Body of Christ
Anti-Lynch Law Is Effective Threat
Religious Drama
Crime to Think in Arkansas
Farming Commune – Farm? Camp? School?
Go to Mexico!
Farming Commune in Ontario is Model For Parish Priests
The Catholic Sisterhoods
Love by Charles Rick
What A Union!
Christ in His Poor – Stations of the Cross by Rev. J. Elliot Ross, C.S.P.
For the Child Labor Amendment
No Freedom in Wage Contract Till Workers Organize
More Inconsistency
Railroad Refuses Union Recognition by A. Union Member
Jesuit Organizes Unemployed in Col.
Catholic Women and the Homeless by Mary Sheehan
Porto Rican Work Expands
Root Nationalism Out to Assure Genuine Peace
Notes on the Catholic Press
We Make Dresses in Harlem!
Book Reviews
The Gospel for First Monday in Lent
March—Month of Saint Joseph
Be It Done Unto Me According To Thy Word!
Letters and Comment
War Gases



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