The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 08 (January 1935)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 08 (January 1935)


Pin on the Bolshevik Idea Say Panicky Utilities as Gov’t Ownership Looms
“Our Country,” Say Du Pont Boys In Senate Hearing
Race Mixture Forced On Negro By White Masters in Slave System, Says Fr. Lord by John LaFarge, S.J.
Slight Gains on Industrial Front In 1934 Analysis
A Program for Immediate Needs by Peter Maurin
Manufacturer’s Resolutions Show Open Defiance of Human Rights
Philosophy of Society Discussed At American Catholic Phil. Meeting
Labor Guild
Catholics Murdered After Mass by Red Shirt Atheists
Day By Day
Wage Slavery Grows On American Farms
Relief and Birth Control
“An Old Fellow” by Dostoievsky
Redistribution (From the Gospel of St. Luke)
Letters and Comment
The Canticle Antiphons Feast of the Epiphany
A Tall Order
On the Use of “Pure” Means by Jacques Maritain
Suffering for Old People Seen in Hopkins Order
Criticizing the Clergy
“Cheap and Contented Labor Here,” Says C. of C.
Just Enough Food for Life, Says “Welfare” Man
Montreal Seamen’s Retreats Successful
Workers and Scholars Unite
A Philosophy of Revolt
29 States have Old-Age Pensions
70 Hours’ Toil for $1.50 Imposed on Orphan Boys
Discriminations, Evictions Rampant in Textile Towns
Capitalism Is Not Even Step-Child of the Roman Catholic Church by Father Gillis
Convert from Judaism
F.E.R.A. Defends Surrender To Slave Scale Wages
Book Reviews
Defense of Illinois Sedition Prosecutions Supported
Speaking of college Newspapers
Our Children’s Corner
Christmas Party!



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