The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 07 (December 1934)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 07 (December 1934)


Poverty in South Leads to Negro Lynching Orgy
Bishop O’Hara Calls And Talks Rural Life Movement Activities
Benedictine Remakes Mining Town Into a Prosperous Community
Catholics to Show Solidarity Against Mexican Atheism
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
The Forgotten Man-Carl Schmitt (Continued) by D. Powll
On Lawyers
Church Maritime In Buenos Aires Eucharist Congress
Labor Guild
“Government Not Fair In Labor Disputes; Attitude Contradictory”
Free Mooney!
Letters and Comment
The Great Antiphons
Catholic Worker Readers - Catholics and Socialists
Martyrs’’ Crowns for Child and Three Men
Philosophies Opposed; church and Socialism Can’t Work Together
Bishop Urges Emulation of Communist Action
Socialists Compromise On a United Front
Canadian Socialists Elect First Mayor of the Larger Cities
What is Liturgy? By Rev. Dom Albert Hammenstede
Gov’t Pays Farmers To Grow Less Food While Poor Starve
From Fr. Gemellis’ “Franciscan Message”: Culled by P. Maurin
Short Short Sermon by Joseph J. Forbes
Home Workers Get Less Than Living
Negro Workers Turn Down ‘Catspaw’ Offer
150 Toledo Jobless Try New Technique
Deliverymen, Building Workers Join Clerks’ Strik
U.S. War Preparations
Fallacy of an Armed Peace
Priest Outlines Adult Education Plan to Meeting
Jacques Maritain in the Colosseum
Homeless Boys
On the Picket Line
Sunnyside, L.L., Runs Co-op for Consumers’ Service
Married Women Job Ban sought by Mine Workers
Prof. Jacques Maritain Writes Characteristically to Peter Maurin
Our Lady of Guadeloupe (For Mexico)
Book Reviews
Anti-Lynching Bill Is Up to Roosevelt
Impetus Given to Rural Life Program
Propaganda Note



Thomas Merton Center, Sub-Section H.17A: Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 1, Series 5: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 2:7.


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