The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 02 (June 1934)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 02, No. 02 (June 1934)


Through Good Samaritan the Catholic Worker Opens Harlem Office on 7th Ave.
Attorney Gives Use of Vacant Store for Work with Negroes
Chatholic Clergy’s Aid is Sought by Labor and Welfare Groups
For Catholic Action
Federal Judge Upholds Weirton Steen Against Government and Labor
300,000 Textile Workers to Go on Strike Early in June
Company Agianst Any by Company Union for Its Employees
Why Write About Strife and Violence?
Vacation Period Religion Schools a Growing Need by Richard O. Weller
N.Y. State Minimum Wage Set at 31 Cents For Laundry Workers
Men and Machinery by Eric Gill
Interrace Meeting Challenges Catholics To Face Problem as True Christians
Clergy and Laity Make Demand for Clean Movies
From The Sequence for Corpus Christi
Refusal of Rights Under Codes Cause Strikes To Spread Over Country
House of Hospitality Bridge and Dance A Great Success
Catholic Youth Must Rebel Against Money and Credit System
Steel Baron Schwab Shares ‘Surplus’ With Vets
Social Order Proposed To Reconcile Workers and Employers
To St. Peter
Letters and Comment
Munitions Makers are Held Bulwark Against Peace
Labor Guild: New Site for Labor Guild—Poverty and Progress by Michael Gunn
Municipal Lodging House No “House of Hospitality” by Herman Hergenhan
Unemployed Girls Get Free Domestic Training
Catholic Movie Library Ready in September
Capitalism Makes War Out of Economic Life
Is Political Action An Answer? By John Cummings and Peter Maurin
State Minimum Wage For Hotel Workers Sought by W.T. U. L.
City Paid by Julia Ruth Dow
Day by Day
Here and There in the Catholic Press by Joseph Barnes Bennett
Overcrowded Harlem Hospital Disgraces City of New York
Our Children’s Corner
Why Not a Miguel Pro Club?
Missioner, Catechist Almost Lose Lives in Attack by Elephant
A Critique of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation by Alfred Greene
Church is Anti-Marxist, But Not Anti-Revolutionist
One Cent Value on Cat Named “Thirty Cents”



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