The Catholic Worker, Vol. 01, No. 09 (March 1934)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 01, No. 09 (March 1934)


“Easy Essay” by Peter Maurin
The Catholic Workers’ School
Msgr. Ryan
Is CWA Group Going “Red?”
Real Racial Despair Confronts Negro
Anti-Lynch Bill Up Before Senate
Aquinas and the Common Good
Adoration of the Cross
Music by Edward Schein
“Human Dignity”
“Lord, That I Might See!”
Lots of Jobs
72 Colored Converts Received Into Church
The Catholic Workers’ Case for Child Labor Amendment
Mrgr. Ryan of Catholic University Reiterates Nine Year Stand on Child Labor Amendment
C.D.A. Endorses Bill
Pope Leo a Red?
Presidents of St. Viator’s Approves Ammendment
A Brief History of the Proposed Bill to Enable Congress to Act on child Labor
Must We Return to This?
-For Their Protection
Thank You, St. Joseph!
Letters and Comment by J.C. McGovern
Catholic Workers’ School Program 436 East 15th Street, N.Y.C.
The Teresa-Joseph Co-Operative
Day by Day
For What Does The NRA Stand?
Adaptation of Guild System for America Is Urged by Speaker
Catholicism and Conservatism by Francis L. Burke
Brutal Levee Camp Boss Fired by War Department
Here and There in the Catholic Press by Joseph Barnes Bennett
Pangue Lingua
Another Wage Cut For Railroad Employees
The Last Hours
Canada Looks to C.C.F. to Remedy Dominion’s Economic Problems by John Erit
Culture Disintegrates Without Religion-Dawson
Michael Gunn’s Answer to Maurin on Catholic Labor Guilds
Save Stamps
Our Children’s corner
The King’s Own Men



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