The Catholic Worker, Vol. 01, No. 08 (February 1934)



The Catholic Worker, Vol. 01, No. 08 (February 1934)


Hayes of Columbia Gives Opening Night Lecture of Catholic Workers’ School
A National Hospice on our Doorstep
Swanky Haven
Child Labor Bill Ignored As Country Speeds Repeal of Eighteenth Amendment
Feed The Mule—Starve the Man
Specimens of Communist Propaganda
Labor Education by Rev. Francis J. Haas, Ph.D.
Communism and the NRA
God on Broadway
A Telling Case for Catholic Action
The Catholic Worker and His Books
Commentary Column
The Festival of the Holy Family
Lay Apostles
Child Victims
Building Churches by Peter Maurin
Another Miracle, Please, St. Joseph!
Letters and Comment
Catholic Workers’ School Program 436 East 15th Street, N.Y.C.
Amici Italiani!
Christ, The Worker
The Teresa-Joseph Cooperative
Music by Edward Schein
The Labor Guild by Michael Gunn
Dire Plight of Negro Under NRA Stressed in Radio Forum Talks
Young Pioneers
Colored Women Appointed Factory Inspector
What, No Flit?
Little Justice Found for Houseworkers
An Open House
Three Negro Priests
Whither the NRA? By Walter O’Hagan
Cooperative Commonwealth Federation
A Question and an Answer on Catholic Guilds
Return to Christian Charity Only Remedy for Depression
Far North



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