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Christ of the Breadlines
"Christ of the Breadlines" by Fritz Eichenberg

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"Poverty," April '49 - [full issue]
"The Root of War," Oct. '61 - [full issue]
"The Shelter Ethic," Nov. '61 - [full issue]
"On the General Strike for Peace," Feb. '62 - [letter to Jim Forest] / [full issue]
"Christian Ethics and Nuclear War," March '62 - [full issue]
"Ethics and War, A Footnote," April '62 - [full issue]
"We Have to Make Ourselves Heard" (part one), May '62 - [full issue (part one)]
"We Have to Make Ourselves Heard" (part two), June '62 - [full issue (part two)]
"St. Maximus the Confessor on Nonviolence," Sept. '65 - [full issue]
"No More Strangers," Feb. '66 - [full issue]
"Albert Camus and the Church," Dec. '66 - [full issue]
"lshi—A Meditation," March-April '67 - [full issue]
"The Shoshoneans" (a review-article), June '67 - [full issue]
"Auschwitz, A Family Camp," Nov. '67 - [full issue]
"War and Vision, The Autobiography of a Crow Indian," Dec. '67 - [full issue]
"The Sacred City," Jan. '68 - [full issue]
"The Vietnam War: An Overwhelming Atrocity," March '68 [full issue]
"The Wild Places," June '68 - [full issue]
"Letter to a Young Activist" (posthumous), Dec. '77 - [full issue]
"The Ecological Conscience" (selections from Merton's review article "The Wild Places" from June '68), Dec. 2008 - [full issue]

Book Review:
Zen in Japanese Art, July-Aug. '67 - [full issue]

"Clairvaux Prison," Jan. '48 - [full issue]
"Chant To Be Used in Processions Around a Site With Furnaces," July-Aug. '61 - [full issue]
"Advice to a Young Prophet," Jan. '62 - [full issue]
"Soldiers of Peace" (by Clement of Alexandria, trans. by Thomas Merton) Jan. '63 - [full issue]
"An Ideal Society," Jan. '68 - [full issue]

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