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Reviews of Books by Merton and about Merton

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Books by Merton: 

  • The Asian Journal of Thomas Merton, Oct.-Nov. ‘73
  • Bread in the Wilderness, Feb. ‘54 - [full issue]
  • Emblems of a Season of Fury, May ’64 - [full issue]
  • Ishi Means Man: Essays on Native Americans, March-April ‘77
  • The Last of the Fathers: Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and the Encyclical Letter, Doctor Mellifluus, Jul-Aug. ‘54 - [full issue]
  • The Monastic Journey, Jan. ‘78
  • No Man Is an Island, May ‘55 - [full issue]
  • The Nonviolent Alternative, Sep. ‘80
  • Pasternak/Merton: Six Letters 1958-1960, March-April ‘76
  • Peace in the Post-Christian Era, June-July '05
  • The Sign of Jonas, March ‘53 - [full issue]
  • Thomas Merton on Peace, May ‘72 - [full issue]
  • A Thomas Merton Reader, April ’64 - [full issue]
  • Thoughts in Solitude, June ‘58 - [full issue]

Books about Merton: 

  • A Hidden Wholeness: The Visual World of Thomas Merton by John Howard Griffin, Oct.-Nov. ‘70 - [full issue]
  • Merton and Friends: A Joint Biography of Thomas Merton, Robert Lax and Edward Rice by James Harford, June-July ‘07
  • Pursuing the Spiritual Roots of Protest: Merton, Berrigan, Yoder, and Muste at the Gethsemani Abbey Peacemakers Retreat by Gordon Oyer, Oct.-Nov. '14
  • Silent Lamp: The Thomas Merton Story by William H. Shannon, Oct.-Nov. ‘92
  • Thomas Merton/Monk: A Monastic Tribute edited by Patrick Hart, Sep. ‘74 - [full issue]
  • Thomas Merton, Social Critic: A Study by James T. Baker, Feb. ‘73 - [full issue]
  • Thomas Merton: The Man and His Work by Dennis Q. McInerny, Dec. ‘75