Thomas Merton Correspondence with "de Vinck, José, 1912-2012"

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Thomas Merton Correspondence with "de Vinck, José, 1912-2012"


de Vinck, José, 1912-
Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968

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Merton's friend of the Melkite Rite Catholic Church, Fr. Joseph Raya, sent De Vinck a letter from Merton. Baron De Vinck asks Merton if part of the letter can be published in a leaflet to advertise the forthcoming publication of a Byzantine breviary. The later correspondence concerns a book titled The Virtue of Sex, which was panned by a Jesuit critic. De Vinck asks for a quote from Merton to help give the book some credibility in Catholic circles. Merton provides a quote in 1966 that appeared on the back of the book cover and in advertisements.

Biographical Text

Baron José M. G. A. de Vinck is a publisher, editor, translator, writer, and owner of Alleluia Press. He wrote and translated books on philosophy and theology. He writes from Allendale, New Jersey.


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See also the "De Vinck, Catherine" and "Raya, Joseph-Marie" files.


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