Thomas Merton Correspondence with "Collins, Angela of the Eucharist, Mother, O.C.D., 1917-2003"

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Thomas Merton Correspondence with "Collins, Angela of the Eucharist, Mother, O.C.D., 1917-2003"


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Collins, Angela of the Eucharist, Mother, O.C.D., 1917-2003
Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968

Scope and Content

Herein is a highly personal and lively correspondence between good friends and fellow religious. The extant file does not seem to be a complete set of their correspondence. Early letters, such as an original of what became the Cold War Letter, are not in the collection. Mother Angela was often seeking spiritual council through correspondence, which Dom James was opposed to Merton doing. Merton mentions that if she writes the occasional letter clearly marked as "Conscience Matter", it should get through. In much of the correspondence, she reports the struggles in keeping her small community together and asks for advice (sometimes asking a response via audio recording). She later returns to Kentucky from Georgia for a conference Merton holds with contemplative nuns. There are also many letters from John Howard Griffin to Mother Angela from the early 1970's.

Biographical Text

Early in their correspondence, Sr. Angela of the Eucharist (née Viola M. Collins) was a Carmelite Prioress in Louisville, Kentucky. Between 1965 and 1966, she would became Mother Angela of the Eucharist, appointed superior of the Carmelite monastery in Savannah, Georgia.


1960-1968 (letters between Collins and others, 1970-1974)


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See also: Cold War Letter #42, published in Witness to Freedom; letters from Merton to Mother Angela in Monks Pond, pp. 133-134, 255-257, 272-273, 323-324, 334-335, 353-355, 358-359, 361, 363-364; and see also a related discussion of Carmelite nuns in the "Antoniutti, Hildebrand, Cardinal" file. Newspaper and magazine clippings from an accession of records received in 2015 was transferred to a folder in Sub-Section D.7 under Mother Angela's name.


Record Group: Section A, Correspondence; Sub-Group/sub-section by person in correspondence with Merton. Records arranged by numeric Series. Items within each Record Series are arranged chronologically.


Section A (Correspondence), File folder: "Collins, Angela of the Eucharist, Mother, O.C.D., 1917-2003"


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Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968--Correspondence


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