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What are these wounds Preface - C3.pdf
Typed manuscript proof with handwritten corrections of Merton's book, What Are These Wounds? (likely an editor's corrections and not Merton's corrections).
Image of CW workers in front of the office on Mott street. Back of image reads "Left to right: John Cort, Mary Catherine Finnegan Cotton, Betty Finnegan Doyle, Julia Purcelli Moran, Stanley Vishnewski. Finnegan Sisters formerly of Rochester, NY - Now…

Footage from the Gethsemani Abbey centenary celebration on June 1, 1949. Footage contains images of Monsignor Fulton Sheen and Earle C. Clements, governor of Kentucky, who both spoke at the celebration.

Close-up (cropped), indoors, wearing dark shirt partly open.

Cropped version of a photo by Fr. August Thompson (possibly 8-14-68, per journal entry of 8-15-68).
Portrait of Thomas Merton by Victor Hammer Painting is tempera on panel, size, 13 3/8" x 12"

Thomas Merton reads excerpts of a letter from June Yungblut. She describes the funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thomas Merton reads excerpts of a letter from June Yungblut and mentions Martin Luther King's plans to come to Gethsemani Abbey for retreat which was postponed due to King's trip to Memphis during which he was assassinated.

Notes on the following books by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ethik ("Ethics") and Widerstand und Ergebung (his letters and papers from prison).
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