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Obituary of Merton by Dorothy Day on the front page of the Catholic Worker. She describes his commitment to CW and to the peace movement. Day quotes from their correspondence.

Ade Bethune print "St. Dorothy, Martyr"
Image of Alice Lautner Zarrella and Gerry Griffin visiting Dorothy Day a few months before her death
Back of card - from CW. Image by Meinrad Craighead
Letter from Day to Joe, describes work at Easton farms and inquires to Joe about managing the house, page 2 of 2
Letter to Joe from on the road. Talks about going into migrant camps on the west coast. Pg 2
Letter from Day to Joseph Zarrella. Providea an update from Portland. Talks about Catholic Worker being broke, but how that may be good for them. Her update shows how she strongly feels ties to the Worker even when on the road. Page 2
Back of letter to Joseph Zarrella from Dorothy Day. Image is possibly an Ade Bethune print. Seven Works of Mercy
Second page of letter from Day to Zarella. In Mobile, AL. Describes life traveling and staying in convents, contrast to CW life; the need for her travels; and includes a special note to Joe appreciating all he does
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