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Easy Essays: Why Pick on the Jews? by Peter Maurin
Catholic C.O. Wins Hearing In England
Day After Day: With Those Who Labor in the South’s Vineyards [by Dorothy Day]
Thou Shalt Not Kill by Rt. Rev. G. O’Toole
A New Venture by Peter…

The Listener [by Dorothy Day]
Negro Labor on Levees Exploited by U.S. War Dept.
Less Child Labor Due to Present Low Wage Scale
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin [printed as “Peter Maurain”]
Attention Police!
Do Something! Join Catholic…

Thomas Merton's letter to James Forest from January 29, 1962 was published in the February 1962 issue of the Catholic Worker. The letter references the General Strike for Peace, a protest against militarism, the "war economy", and nuclear testing at…
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