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Image of Joe Zarrella at a typewriter at the Catholic Worker office on Mott Street in New York City
Image of CW workers in front of the office on Mott street. Back of image reads "Left to right: John Cort, Mary Catherine Finnegan Cotton, Betty Finnegan Doyle, Julia Purcelli Moran, Stanley Vishnewski. Finnegan Sisters formerly of Rochester, NY - Now…
Image of Alice Lautner Zarrella at the Catholic worker in New York City. She is standing over a sink, perhaps doing laundry. Caption on back reads "Alice in Wonderland"
Image of Ade Bethune with her assistant and Father Sebastian Erbacher, presumably at a Catholic Worker retreat
Image of two men outside the Catholic Worker office in NYC. Description on back reads "Duncan Chisholm, 1940"
Image of wall inside the Catholic Worker Charity House, including a quote from St. Thomas Aquinas
Description on the back reads "Milwaukee CW, 1937, Oct 11 opened"
Image of men standing in the breadline outside the Catholic Worker Charity House on Mott Street in New York
Image of a pile of bread used to feed the needy in the breadlines at the Catholic Worker house on Mott Street in New York City. A partial view of an Ade Bethune mural is in the background.
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