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My Visits to the Secular Bookhouse - (The Secular Bookhouse) E1.pdf
This draft of a piece later published as "My Visits to the Secular Bookhouse" was contributed by Merton to the Staff Log, an employee publication of the Louisville Free Public Library. Merton writes in gratitude for Louisville's library and…

Cookson, William - Agenda 2-11to12.pdf
Inscribed to Thomas Merton by W. H. "Ping" Ferry. Contents: Canto CXI / Ezra Pound -- The Tutelar of the Place / David Jones -- Two Poems / Donald Hall -- Didactic Poem / Peter Levi, S.J. -- On Peter Levi / John Bayley.

What are these wounds Preface - C3.pdf
Typed manuscript proof with handwritten corrections of Merton's book, What Are These Wounds? (likely an editor's corrections and not Merton's corrections).

Handwritten notes by Thomas Merton on Citeaux and Saint Robert of Molesme likely used as an outline for teaching novices monastic history. This extract from a longer group of notes is Section 6 in "Cistercian History. Notes" from Merton Center…

Page 397 of a manuscript of "The Ascent to Truth" corresponding to page 317 of the first published edition by Harcourt Brace in 1951. The manuscript has a draft title of "The Ascent to Light."

The first piece in the first issue of the journal is Thomas Merton's poem, "Chant To Be Used In Processions Around a Site With Furnaces." Other contributions by: Bertrand Russell, Gary Snyder, Kay Johnson, Antonin Artaud, Gregory Corso, William…
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