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Notes on the following books by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Ethik ("Ethics") and Widerstand und Ergebung (his letters and papers from prison).

Thomas Merton rates his published books in varying degrees from "Awful" to "Best."

One page of handwritten notes by Thomas Merton on dialogue between Christianity and Buddhism. He was staying in late November of 1968 in Darjeeling, India, and had met that month with Buddhist spiritual leaders including Chatral Rinpoche and the…

May have accompanied Merton's curriculum vitae of 1967 which references a list of books he had written. On the annotated copy, Merton adds a note designating where he wrote certain works, e.g., vault, hermitage, novitiate, St. John's room, etc.

Thomas Merton's curriculum vitae from 1967.

Thomas Merton was asked by poet and editor Jonathan Williams to submit a curriculum vitae to accompany his poem "Ceremony for Edward Dahlberg" for a festschrift honoring Dahlberg.
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