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What are these wounds Preface - C3.pdf
Typed manuscript proof with handwritten corrections of Merton's book, What Are These Wounds? (likely an editor's corrections and not Merton's corrections).

Thomas Merton asked Gordon Zahn if he had a photograph of the grave of Franz Jägerstätter. Zahn sent Merton a photograph with the grave marked in pen. Blessed Franz Jägerstätter was an Austrian, Catholic lay person, and conscientious objector…

Handwritten notes by Thomas Merton on Citeaux and Saint Robert of Molesme likely used as an outline for teaching novices monastic history. This extract from a longer group of notes is Section 6 in "Cistercian History. Notes" from Merton Center…

Nabisco Strike Enters Fifteenth Orderly Week With Victory Close Ahead
Beg Food Relief For Starving and Homeless Families
Rise From 2,500 to 110,000 Marks Two Years’ Growth of the Catholic Worker
Needs of Families, Plight of Mothers Told…

A Letter to John Strachey and His Readers by Peter Maurin
Order Pamphlet!
Prepare for May Day
National Biscuit Sweats Workers to Swell Dividends
Catholic Worker Has Entire House On Charles Street
C.W. Sympathizers Protect Quarters In…

Gigantic Persecution of Share Croppers in South By Organized Exploiters
NBC Hires Thugs to Fight Pickets; Police Stand By
March 19 – Feast of St. Joseph
“Nationalism Will Sound Doom of All Liberty”
Ohrback’s Injunction Is Smashed by…

Bootleg Coal Miners Have As Much Right At Companies, Say Pennsylvania Priests
Higher Wages For Textile workers Is False Propaganda
Easy Essays by Peter Maurin
Religious War in Mexico Distracts Attention From Labor and Farm…

Pin on the Bolshevik Idea Say Panicky Utilities as Gov’t Ownership Looms
“Our Country,” Say Du Pont Boys In Senate Hearing
Race Mixture Forced On Negro By White Masters in Slave System, Says Fr. Lord by John LaFarge, S.J.
Slight Gains…

Poverty in South Leads to Negro Lynching Orgy
Bishop O’Hara Calls And Talks Rural Life Movement Activities
Benedictine Remakes Mining Town Into a Prosperous Community
Catholics to Show Solidarity Against Mexican Atheism
Easy Essays by…
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