The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 09 (February 1936)


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The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 09 (February 1936)


Idle Hands and Idle Lands by Peter Maurin
Borden Milk Co. Forces A Company Union On Workers And Throws Out Contract
‘Bills of Rights’ By Civil Liberties Against Gag Bills
Investigation of 1935 Lynchings Is Approved
Interracial Radio Dialogue
An Idea of a Farming Commune
Lynching Scene Forces Catholic Action
Priest Tells of ‘Mother Jones’
For the Mystical Body of Christ
Social Sermonettes
May’s Strike Investigation
Vermont Marble Strike
Reasons for Child Labor Law
Vigilantes mob Sharecroppers’ Mass Meeting
“T’Wan’t Fair!” Says Vicky
A.F. of L. Is Anti-Negro
False Rumors Regarding strike
Unger by Marion F. Palmer
Negro Congress Will Meet Soon in Chicago
Catholics In Unions
The Divine Office and The Christian Revolution
Gradual and Tract – The First Sunday in Lent
Letters and Comment
The Foundation of Catholic Action by Saint Paul
Day After Day
Notes On The Catholic Press
Freedom Of The Press
The New Apologia
Greed Of Operators And Lack Of Safety Scored By Miners
Pinkerton Boy No Janitor
Labor Shows the Way
Sharecroppers Get ‘Break’
“No High School For Negroes”
To Be of Service by Karl Adam
Standard Oil Suggests
FERA Unites Negro, White
Campion Propaganda Committee
Capitalism, Fascism, Marxism
Saint Dominic
Via Crucis by Marion F. Palmer


1936 February




Saint Meinrad Archabbey Library: The Catholic Worker newspaper, 3:9.


“The Catholic Worker, Vol. 03, No. 09 (February 1936),” Merton Center Digital Collections, accessed July 15, 2020,

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