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Joseph Zarrella Photographs


Day, Dorothy, 1897-1980
Catholic Worker Movement--Pictorial works
Conscientious objectors -- Catholic Church.
World War (1939-1945)


This record series includes photographs from the Joseph Zarrella Papers, Accession 2 (Sub-Section H.17B). The photographs were from albums and frames related to Joseph Zarrella's involvement with the Catholic Worker Movement. Photographs include images of Joseph Zarrella during his involvement with the Catholic Worker. Also included are images of Dorothy Day and breadlines at the Catholic Worker office in New York during the Great Depression. Of particular interest are images of Joseph Zarrella at a Catholic Conscientious Objector Camp in New Hampshire during World War II, and images from Dorothy Day's funeral in 1980.


Joseph Zarrella


Joseph Zarrella Papers




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Zarrella Papers (Sub-section H.17B)

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Dorothy Day visiting Joe and Alice Zarrella, ca. 1964
Image of Dorothy Day visiting Joe and Alice Zarrella in Indiana. Photo was likely taken at St. Meinrad in Indiana.

Ade Bethune, Tamar  Hennessy, and Joe Zarrella
Image of Ade Bethune, Ade Bethune, Tamar Hennessy, and Joe Zarrella

Serving food at the Catholic Worker in New York
Photo at the Catholic Worker in New York where meals were served to those in need. Description on back reads "Tex, Jim Brazil - window."

Dorothy Day looking out window.
Image of older Dorothy Day looking out the window, wearing a smock signed by fellow inmates while she served 10 days in prison for supporting farm workers, c. 1975.

Breadline outside the Catholic Worker Office, ca. 1938
Imageof breadline outside the CW in NY. Back of photo reads " 115 Mott St NYC, 1938-39"

Dorothy Day and daughter Tamar at Easton Farm 1937
Image of Dorothy and Tamar holding a goat at Easton Farm, PA.

Cesar Chavez at Dorothy Day's funeral
Image of Cesar Chavez at Day's funeral, 1980

Funeral procession for Dorothy Day
Image of Dorothy Day's casket during funeral procession, 1980

Joe Zarrella at Dorothy Day's funeral, 1980
Image of Joe Zarrella in the funeral procession for Dorothy Day

Breadline outside the Catholic Worker Office, ca. 1937
Image of breadline outside the Mott street Catholic Worker Charity House in New York.
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