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Thomas Merton's Marginalia


Sub-Section B.5 in the Merton Center Collection includes books owned and read by Thomas Merton with annotations in the margins, inscriptions to him, or sections underlined by him. Books that he had read but that have no such marginalia are in Section B.4. A full list of items held at the Merton Center is here:

Collection Items

Agehananda Bharati. The Tantric Tradition (London, Rider 1965 [i.e. 1966]). Thomas Merton's Marginalia Collection.
Book inscribed with the name Linda Parsons. She likely sent or gave in person Thomas Merton the copy. Parsons visited Merton at Gethsemani June 29-30, 1966. Linda Parsons, born Miroslav Prozak (also spelled Miroslava Projak), was a Catholic convert…

Agadjanian, Georges. Le froid de l'enfer (Paris : Promotion et édition, ©1966). A novel from Thomas Merton's Marginalia Collection.
Inscribed by the author: "For Father Thomas Merton, with my most grateful and cordial esteem. Georges Agadjanian". Georges Agadjanian was a professor at Gannon College in Erie, Pennsylvania at the time of correspondence with Thomas Merton (1967). He…

Alfieri, Vittorio; a cura di Michele Scherillo. La vita, le rime e altri scritti minori (Milano, Ulrico Hoepli, 1917). Thomas Merton's Marginalia Collection.
"T.F. Merton. Oct. 1933." written inside by Thomas Merton. Merton would have been beginning his first term at Clare College at the University of Cambridge.
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